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At Holyoke Mall in Massachusetts and approached by a Lionesse representative, stating that he had a great eye cream that works wonders. It was an under eye cream that removes puffiness and wrinkled.

Told that it had stem cells in the cream that get absorbed and after 2 years of using the product my skin would be rejuvenated and essentially wrinkle free for 20 years because of the stem cells within the product. The salesman applies product under one eye and has you look in the mirror at how much less puffy your eye looks, drawing you into product. The salesman then tells you the product is $995.00. I say no I’m not paying that for a product I know nothing about.

Then they proceed to rub cream that is a sermon abrasive cream on arm to demonstrate how a different product works followed by an application of a Vitamin C serum. The salesman states at this point that he can give me all 3 products today for the$995.00. I refuse and he states. Wait for you I can give all 3 for $500 and a free facial.

I still refuse and he reduces price to $399

And I cave and buy the 3 products. Feeling a bit of a fool, the salesman stated he will give me the facial. Which was a bit of a joke, since I have had facials before and the “facial” he did was a joke. He tells me that I can go monthly to the MGM grand in Springfield Mass to get the facial at $500 each time I go or buy the product myself for $4500.

I refused product. He then says I can throw in a couple of other products and I still refuse. Now miraculously another salesman shows up and of course states he is the manager and tries to negotiate further by telling my salesman that he can give me 30% off of product, when I continue to refuse, the manager states, “Did you only give her 30%, I meant 50%,” and he throws in 4 other products with the facial product plus a machine for applying moisturizers for the “low price of $2250.00. At this point I am still waiting for the salesman to finish the facial, so I tell them I’ll wait to see how my face looks after the facial before I agree to buy any more products.

Needless to say the facial was quickly completed. They are showing me my face in the mirror and continuously throwing compliments about how wonderful I now look. Which mind you, I pretty much looked the same. I tell them no to the product, as they continue to tell me, well now you will have to pay the $4500 on the website if you want it.

I tell them I’ll take my chances. As I’m walking away the manager calls me back saying he has the facial products that has an opened package which he can’t sell at full cost and he can sell it to me for $899.00. He continues to say I might as well sell it at this discount for you as the company will just throw it out. I tell him I think you can do a better price than $899.00 especially since your company is going to throw it out anyways, and he finally gives up trying to con me out of more money.

All I can say is what the *** are the margins on this product if they can drop the prices so significantly and still make money? All I can assume is that these products are just prettied up drug store products probably costing the company dollars to produce, claiming the results over time are permanent because stem cells are being used.

The sales tactics are almost embarrassingly ridiculous.I am disappointed in myself for falling for the primitive sales tactics for the first products, but glad I came to my senses and bought no more. Believe me I will never purchase any more Lionesse products and will do my best to pass my information about this companies awful sales tactics to the public.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lionesse Beauty Bar Sales Representative.

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