300 Monticello Ave, Norfolk, VA 23510, USA
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I had a nightmare experience there today and am only posting to try and help someone else. I was offered a free eye cream and then the girl at the door pulled me in to get a second cream.

“Sit here for a second” turned into 1.5 hrs. Imagine timeshare sellers holding you hostage not taking no for an answer but this is worse because the prices aren’t posted and you agree to purchase an eye cream and they want to “give you items” and come to you with a bill or contract for $1000s. Here’s the kicker!!! They call it medical products so they have no refunds no returns.


RUN. RuN!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lionesse Beauty Bar Sales Representative.

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Omg run run run. I was pulled over to a kiosk ..

I told her I wasn’t interested but I ended up being talked into sitting for a demo of cream which was 800.00 dollars then 300.00. I don’t know why but I bought the stuff and then was given a free facial by the Lionesse Beauty Bar at MacArthur Center, Norfolk Va. OMG... they were so aggressive and Intimidating.

Refused no for an answer. This experience was horrible. First 20000. Then 10000.

Final rip off 2800.00. I’m was sick. The sales tactics are so manipulating because after it’s all said and done, there is a no refund policy. I brought back everything including a tire up face from a reaction from the products.

Reluctantly they returned half of my money took all the products and basically forced this light unit on me , I never asked for. No way they were going to refund me. I was coerced into signing a paper saying I was happy with the settlement which I made myself clear I was not but after reading review after review I thought some money was better than none. I went back with this used light unit someone else had returned because it didn’t make sense to me why I was forced only half my refund.

I clearly could not use the products and fought with the owner to rectify this situation. She walks in the back brings out a new light throws it in the bag and says “here your not getting your money back!” I still upset about this. She also put in different products which I still have untouched in the bag.

Stay away from these vultures. I’m still trying to get my money back thru other means.


As a matter efact my dear. You where giving back 1600, wanted to keep the facial where giving a new device and left the store after you gladly signed a form that will give you free facials.and say you will have no demands I suggest that if you Wright falls advertisement be careful to not get a lawsuit in your hands. Sine the info you are giving is in correct

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