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I got suckered into buying the amber eye serum and the firming under eye serum for $395.00 tgis past February. I was shown how much to use, and was ASSURED that if I followed instructions, it would last 2 years.

I followed instructions to the letter and here is what happened: 1) ehat I purchased WAS NOT the same as what they sold me. It doesn't work. 2) Here it is, the end of August and the bottle and 'pen' are empty. The bottle is a goid size.

That tells me that it was only partially full when I bought it! RIPOFF!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lionesse Beauty Bar Serum.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I agree w everyone here. They are obnoxious scam artists.

If you even make eye contact when they give you a free sample, they will drag you in and offer you more free samples and then try to get you to buy $400 worth of products.

Then they offer you a free facial and the whole time they are giving you the facial, they are doing a sales pitch, badgering you to buy their $4000 machines. They almost won't let you up until you agree to buy it, and you are lying there w goo on your face trying to get out of there before they get you to sign up for their credit card

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