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Danbury Fair Mall. Kiosk.

I work in mall so see them all the time. One day I tried the puffy eye serum that worked amazing and instantly. I also purchased the scrub and something else for $250. Okay done.

Next day I am there and take the free facial. Drew showed me customer results on his phone. Said he was based in Vegas, but is moving up here as they are opening a spa in the mall. Since the mask had to sit a while he was talking prices like $4,500.

I was like no way! I already have 4 jobs and trying to pay off debt. He kept reducing and throwing in other items. I kept telling him I could not afford it.

I was so stressed and tired from a long day and after the facial my face looked refreshed. He told me 3,500 and I said people really pay that much!? He went to his receipt box and showed me a person paid $20,000 the day before. $5,000 on her cc and $15,000 check.

He stated the products are high end. He came back again with $3,000 and told me I deserve it as I work hard and take care of others. He told me use for two years and my face will look good still in 25 years. I believed him, but was still skeptical.

He kept telling me I would not be disappointed plus I work in the mall and would see him all the time how could he be fake? He then said I am discounting for you only as you work in the mall, but don't tell anyone. He said when others comment on my face and he said 'they will' to just promote his product. I was there a long time and late for an appointment so started getting stressed on what to do.

I have planned to go maybe try botox or something and he did tell me I would be spending way more money on fillers that only last 5 months where his products last 25 years. He told me to come back to keep him posted. So I caved! I do not know why!

I was already crying that morning about my debt and need to pay before I retire soon! I handed my card and yes he was right, I should spend some money on myself. $3,253 later (plus the day before $258)!! The next day I researched and sure enough other reviews of the same sales tactic!

Okay, but I will see him all the time how could he pull that on ME? I also noted that other reviewers got away spending a lot less by turning his offer down each time. They got the same product as me for over HALF of what I paid! I was panicking of how I was going to pay for this so I would just return the second order of $3,000.

NO REFUNDS! I was crying and called my credit card to hold charge, but they stated I needed to dispute it. I then called 'Drew' who 'seemed' concerned, but said couldn't do anything. I told him if I had stayed longer I could have gotten it cheaper!

I begged him to give me a larger discount. He said he would see what he could do, but from reading all of these reviews I am so afraid nothing can be done. Will credit card accept my dispute? I so hope these products work since I know I am stuck with them, but NOT at $3,000!!!

Such a pressure sale when I was so tired and over worked.

:-) ANYONE have any luck with getting money back? even some!?!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lionesse Beauty Bar Serum.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lionesse Beauty Bar Pros: Product i tried seemed to work.

Lionesse Beauty Bar Cons: I feel scammed and way over charged, Conned into spending money i do not have.

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They wear you down until you say yes. Next time stand firm or just walk away.

We had something similar on the mall in Joplin. I just walked away as they wouldn’t stop talking.

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