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••• ••• Search the Web Pull Down to Refresh Inbox Fwd: Lioness Jane Yun to you 5:44PMShow Details I was walking the South Center mall in WA. I'll use present tense.

One middle eastern guy is giving away free samples. When I accept it, he anxiously brings me to apply some lotion around my eye. He is keep saying, "See the difference? See how nice?" I don't see any difference, but he is keep being anxiously, restlessly friendly and nice.

He says the syringe type cosmetics is 700 dollars, but I am so lucky, only have to pay 400 $. He is adding more products with significantly discounted products. I eventually signs for 500&. I was thinking, "I will think I donated money to a poor guy." The nightmare worsen here.

He anxiously, forcefully begs me 5 more minutes and brings me to a store. Dana, the more scam lady comes out, starts to smile and friendly saying, "She is beautiful!" She talks about her customer who has 100,000$ jewelry sets and gives her Louis Vuitton scarf for a gift since she is so rich. She confidently states, "Don't worry, I'm trying to help you. I not making you spend money, I'm just helping you because I like you." She takes a picture of my skin and lay me down.

She puts on cold gooey stuff abruptly on my face. Her diagnosis is 3000$ products including facial massage machine. I say, "I'm not rich like your customers, I don't have money." She starts to act. "I'll ask my manager, because I like you." She goes out calling, "John, John!" She comes in right back saying, "You are so lucky, the machine is 2000$, but I'll give you for free.

You can just pay 1400$" Long story short, I sign the products reluctantly since I couldn't get up and leave with green face. Next day, I go back to refund the never touched products. They say to fill out the form and wait for the call from the company. Dana, the massage woman calls me the next day saying, "I don't want my customers unhappy, don't worry, I don't go anywhere, I'm here.

Come whenever. I'll take care of them." I go back on my day off. She refuses to refund. We raise voices each other.

She takes the 2000$ (?) machine out of the bag saying, "You didn't pay for this. I'll take this back. I was going to help you, but I can't because you act like that. Take them.

Sorry, I can't. Have a good day." I resist to leave. They call the security. They give me the contact numbers of the mall manager and upper level and escorted me out.

I explain the situation which they totally agree how I feel walking out. Anyway, she took the machine which was the bait to let me sign. She took the machine back after I signed. I cannot believe such business is still present in the USA in 21st century.

That's a fraud, scam, thief, robbery, deception, immoral. I feel sorry for them to live ripping people off. The machine, when I looked 60~100$ online. The syringe cosmetics 100's online.

Dana, the massage girl's skill was so rough, I was worried she will make my skin worse. There is no set price, just ask whaever they feel like.

She put the stuff on my face without any consent! This is total scam business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lionesse Beauty Bar Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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The same thing happened to me, they somehow managed to get me to agree to buying a $6,000.00 machine that I don't want. I didn't even realize that I had made a purchase until they offered to carry the product out to my car.

At that point, I said I don't want it and they replied too late the purchase was made and handed me a receipt. In hindsight I realize that as one distracted me with conversation the other was collecting banking info off of me to arrange a payment plan and I hadn't even noticed. I feel so stupid! It is crazy that this is happening, in a mall.

People can say just say No and walk away, and in hindsight yes it is that simple. However; in the moment, everything is a blur...

it happens fast and even though physical force isn't being used. It is felt mentally!


Same thing happened to me at the First Colony Mall - I was scammed for $900.00!!! Stay away from these scammers


There is a saying we have here in America : "NO"

The utterance of this simple monosyllable when followed by the turn and walk away function is not unusual.

The polite version is : "No, thank you."

Then turn and walk away.

If they touch you, scream.

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